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iPod NoteReader Notes 38

Posted by pudge
from the waiting-for-apple-to-ship-my-ipod dept.
An anonymous reader writes, "Apple has released a document on how to use the new iPod NoteReader." The highlights: you can link to other notes, or to tracks on the iPod, or to dynamically generated playlists. It handles 1,000 notes, up to 4K each, and caches up to 64K of notes in memory so the hard drive doesn't spin up. The notes are stored as text files in directories and can be organized by directory.
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iPod NoteReader Notes

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  • by august (28504) on Monday May 19, 2003 @12:14PM (#5991901)
    I wanted to point out a nifty piece of software- VoodooPad ( [] ) which will export it's wiki contents to the iPod notes folder (in the latest version, 1.1 alpha).

    It turns your ipod into a Wiki on the go... Here's a great writeup of the software from
    Oreilly entitled "Wiki meet iPod"- []

    Disclaimer- I wrote the software.

  • Older iPods? (Score:3, Interesting)

    by ElGanzoLoco (642888) on Monday May 19, 2003 @01:28PM (#5992512) Homepage
    I'm eagerly waiting for some über-hacker to hack the new iPod's firmware (2.0) in order to install it on the old iPods... I want to play with notes, and, especially, I want "playlists on the go".

    I *think* (I'm taking a wild-assed guess here, so you can't tell I didn't warn you) the hardware is basically the same (except for that strange dock connector, but this is just firewire + line out with a strange form factor, isn't it?) so I think it must be quite easy to install 2.0 on older iPods (???).

    Would someone be kind enough to upload the 2.0 firmware on some server? Google can't find anything...
  • Re:Older iPods? (Score:3, Interesting)

    by SandSpider (60727) on Monday May 19, 2003 @01:51PM (#5992684) Homepage Journal
    See, I can't say I'd agree with the guess. I mean, it's not like apple hasn't upgraded the firmware in the past with new features and such. My guess from being in similar situations is that there's enough different between the two ipods that they would have to maintain separate code bases in order to maintain the functionality. When that happens, you can either double the number of programmers (I say simplisticly), or you can abandon the old code base.

    But I saw a review of the ipod that made the same guess, and I say that it's a foolish guess. But then, I'm only guessing as well.

  • Neat. (Score:5, Interesting)

    by PhoenixK7 (244984) on Monday May 19, 2003 @02:32PM (#5992992)
    I just tried this out, and it works pretty much as described in the docs. One thing though: it takes a while for it to do the pattern matching. Generating a playlist of all the "indie" genre'd stuff in my library took like 5-6 seconds before "Now Playing" came up. Hopefully they'll speed this up a bit and also work out the couple of annoying bugs in the firmware :)

    All around the new revs are great, though I've already manged to scratch the face and back in a few places. I wish they'd put some sort of scratch resistant coating on these things ala eyeglasses.
  • by gsfprez (27403) on Monday May 19, 2003 @04:49PM (#5994008)
    an automated app that would sync StickiesDatabase to your iPod notes would be just the shiznit.

    yes, i'm waiting for Pudge to crank this out in 15 minutes in perl. ;-)

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