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iPod NoteReader Notes 38

Posted by pudge
from the waiting-for-apple-to-ship-my-ipod dept.
An anonymous reader writes, "Apple has released a document on how to use the new iPod NoteReader." The highlights: you can link to other notes, or to tracks on the iPod, or to dynamically generated playlists. It handles 1,000 notes, up to 4K each, and caches up to 64K of notes in memory so the hard drive doesn't spin up. The notes are stored as text files in directories and can be organized by directory.
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iPod NoteReader Notes

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  • Only on new iPods (Score:5, Informative)

    by capmilk (604826) on Monday May 19, 2003 @12:00PM (#5992263)
    One should note that this functionality will only be available on new (red backlit buttons) iPods.
  • Re:Older iPods? (Score:4, Informative)

    by TwP (149780) on Monday May 19, 2003 @12:54PM (#5992714) Homepage
    it must be quite easy to install 2.0 on older iPods (??)

    Version 2.0 of the iPod software was written by Apple. Versions 1.3 and prior were outsourced to another company (whose name I do not know). They are entirely different animals. This will also explain why Apple has not released an update for the older iPods that provides the feature set of the new iPods -- they don't want to pay the outsourcing fees. And this will also explain the bugs in the new iPods (I sent mine back by the way).

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