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uDevGames Source Code Available 17

Posted by Hemos
from the playing-with-it-all dept.
Geert Poels writes "Kiki the Nanobot was the deserved winner of the uDevGames Mac Game Programming Competition. Entrants had to submit their game along with its source code. Provided with open source licenses like MIT, GPL, ... and written using OpenGL, some games will prove a fairly easy port. The source code to the 41 entries have been prepared and are being made available for download. Last week, GameSpy made a round-up of '02 Mac gaming by publishing a 2-page editorial 2002: The Year of the Mac Gamer."
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uDevGames Source Code Available

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  • by TheEnigma (520116) on Tuesday April 22, 2003 @11:06AM (#5781144) Homepage Journal
    You should learn to enjoy the game instead of being fixated on the surface quality. Kiki is a great game. I don't know what complaints you could have about the graphics.

    Clearly you have totally missed the point. This was a 3-month make-a-game contest in order to get people to be creative and contribute to the community. Did you try Astro Squid? Or Raptor? If you are prejudiced against 2D action games, well, that's one thing, but the graphics quality of those is quite high.

    Now, Mac and other game developers have access to 3D code, input code, game logic code, and more, to help them get started on making their own games.

    I don't deny that there is a shortage of artists for open source games, but what do you think people can manage in three months? Also, have a look at PlaneShift, the Crystal Space game -- amazing art content.

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