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Apple 12-inch PowerBook G4 Review 55

Dave_B writes "Tony Smith of El Reg gives his verdict after a month with Apple's 12-inch Powerbook." His overall impression was good, but there are some words of caution in here regarding battery life and heat, so read before buying one ;)
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Apple 12-inch PowerBook G4 Review

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  • by kyrre (197103) on Tuesday April 01, 2003 @06:24PM (#5641227)
    A 12 inch Powerbook? Like that will ever happen. Come on guys enough with the April fool jokes already..
  • by grantsellis (537978) on Wednesday April 02, 2003 @01:40AM (#5642867) Homepage
    I just switched and have felt the mighty heat of the 12in.
    My solution is two words: blue jeans.

    if you get the thick kind, you won't even be bothered when playing games (which seems to be the worst time for me since you got the both hard and optical drive spinning)

    of course, if you got your work to pay for your Mac, and have to use it with slacks, then you get what you deserve :)

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