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iSCSI for Mac OS X? 60

Posted by Cliff
from the hoping-apple-fills-this-gap-soon dept.
CoffeePlease asks: "Is anyone aware of development going on for iSCSI drivers for Mac OS X? I really need this but it's only out for Windows and Linux so far. I can't use the Linux drivers - they might run, but only as a command-line process, and I need other software to recognize the drives."
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iSCSI for Mac OS X?

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  • PC (Score:0, Insightful)

    by 56ksucks (516942) on Wednesday February 19, 2003 @11:25AM (#5334944) Homepage
    Guess you should have bought a PC. Or, run Linux on your Mac.
  • Re:oh, whatever (Score:3, Insightful)

    by gerardrj (207690) on Wednesday February 19, 2003 @06:04PM (#5338881) Journal
    But neither SQL nor Exchange require disk level access. Neither app has special version for ATA, SCSI, SAN or NAT storage space. VERY few apps actually require phyical device access (sending commands directly to hardware instead of through the OSI abstractions), or even block level access.
    The few that I can think of are disk repair an maintenance utilities.
    Running SQL servers over NAT, NFS or any other sort of "soft" mount works just fine.

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